What to expect in couples counselling. 

In couples work we are normally exploring what is happening in the relationship between two people, of any gender. The first session is a taster of how I work and as there are two people in the room this session lasts for 50 minutes and my charge is £25.00 with any further sessions you may wish to book costing £45.00.  I bring my sensitivity and  compassion to this work as I do when working with individuals.  However I realise that this is a very intimate area of your lives that you are inviting me into and I want you both to feel sure you are comfortable with me before booking further sessions. During couple counselling I would not normally see one partner without the other unless we have specifically agreed to this. The outcome in couples work could be that your relationship is strengthened by working with me, or it may be that you decide that your relationship has run its course. If this is the case and you decided to separate I am happy to work with both partners to obtain an amicable ending of your choosing.
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