About Heather as a supervisor.

"Amazing things can happen when we listen to one another" Hunt (1986) 

My supervision practice is based on the seven eyed model of supervision by R Shohet and P Hawkins see "Supervision in the Helping Professions" which gives both the supervisor and counsellor a map to work from within each supervision session.When working together I would encourage you to bring the client into focus in the room as a unique human being, looking at the work from their perspective through their own lens. My aim is not to have a fixed idea of how the counselling / psychotherapy work should proceed but rather listen to you the counsellor and how you approach the work, taking account of the context in which the work is taking place. I would also hold an awareness of how parallel processing maybe presenting itself in the room.
The type of supervisor relationship I would try and build with you the counsellor would be a relationship of mutual trust and understanding, empathy and congruence taking account of what is happening in the here and now and in the there and then. My aim would be to provide a safe, reflective space in which supervision takes place so that the counsellor feels held and has what they need in order to do the work with the client. In supervision as in counselling I believe it is the relationship that determines whether counselling or supervision is successful.
I will also give support and guidance based on my own life experience and my work as an accredited counsellor with BACP. I am not adverse to working in a creative way if this helps the supervision process. 
In the past I have been a Group and Individual supervisor for Cruse and have supervised counsellors who are training on Diploma courses / Foundation degree courses as well as qualified counsellors and BACP accredited counsellors in private practice. 

I hold a Ascentis level 3 certificate in supervision and  Cruse Bereavement Care certificate in supervision.

From 1.6.18 my fees are:-   £35.00 for one hour of supervision,  £40.00 for one and half hours of supervision.
Reduced rates for students - please enquire.
I do not charge for references or reports.
Quick Contact Information
email:- Kapelko@blueyonder.co.uk
Phone 07724639361